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With the increased threat and potential global impact that hacking, viruses, spam, trojans and spyware can cause, it is no surprise that the Information Security sector has become of prime importance to IT strategy. From its conception in the labs of GCHQ and NSA, information security now has a key function in every organisation and industry, protecting companies and individuals from a new and constantly evolving cyber menace.

Head-quartered from London, Ascent Global Security specialises in the supply of InfoSec professionals on a permanent and contract basis. We supply cross-sector and worldwide. Our Client portfolio is diverse and we have helped recruit for Government, Start-Ups, International Corporations and Consultancies, as well as the major players in the InfoSec arena.

We are very successful in the recruitment of the following areas (from Graduate to CISO professionals):

With our partners in the Ascent Group we are also able to cover: